cleaning with a conscience

At First Cleaning Service, we believe a clean earth is as important as a clean home, also we can cooperate and do our part to protect the environment. That is why we, as a company, are so committed to using products that are safe for the earth. We trust in our environmentally responsible cleaning products. Specifically, each of our locations use cleaning products that are environmentally responsible or sustainable.

First Cleaning Service realized that there is a significant difference it made to live in an environment that was cleaned with eco-friendly and non-toxic products as opposed to the generic brands which left a chemical smell in the house. We are always seeking to improve its techniques by using equipment and products that can truly give its clients a cleaner and healthier environment. First Cleaning Service team is trained to go green, do an excellent job of cleaning, and minimize the environmental impact that cleaning products can have.


  • All our products are free of chlorine, ammonia, phosphate, and synthetic fragrances which can irritate the skin.
  • We use eco-line and microfiber floor cloths that are suitable for all types of floors, including wood, stone, ceramics and marble.
  • Sustainable, low-emission green cleaners.
  • We never use additives, or harsh chemicals, preferring to rely on the natural cleaning properties of our ingredients.